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      Time Recording Services

      07802 988574


      0141 881 8101

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      ZK Time is a new Time & Attendance tracking system that has been developed for use with the clocking machines supplied by TRS Ltd. The software is supplied free of charge with all our clocking machines.

      Time and Attendance software for use with our Clocking Machines

      ZK Time Complete Attendance Software


      This new software has a new appearance and has been developed to make it easier to generate the most simplest of reports.

      Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

      ZKTime is a simple solution that will save you time and money over and over again by allowing your company to:

      ·  Eliminate buddy-punching

      ·  Eliminate time-cards

      ·  Eliminate early punch-ins

      ·  Eliminate unauthorized overtime

      ·  Eliminate hours of payroll calculations

      ·  Accurately reports employee time/attendance to Payroll & HR


      New User Interface - ZKTime appearance changes from MS Office standard look.

      Exceptions - Simple to generate reports showing late arrival or early leaving.

      User Management - Create multiple departments, or even separate company profiles.

      Custom Accounting Period - Generate reports on a custom time period.

      Add employee registration - Manually enter employee clocking if required.

      Overtime Calculations - Automatically calculate overtime hours.

      Customisable Export - Allows exporting to custom Excel or CSV formats.

      Break time - Automatic break time deductions.

      Holiday and sick exceptions.

      Easy shift allocation using the large calendar view.

      Generate reports on individuals, departments, companies or all.

      Connect multiple clocks to the software and access remote sites using WAN connectivity.

      Plus More...

      Time Card    Summary    Late     Early Depart
      Summary.pdf Late Arrivals.pdf Early Depart.pdf
      Click on the PDF images to download a sample report from ZK Time