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      Time Recording Services

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      Easy to generate employee reports.

      Download clocking's via network or USB

      200 employees as standard

      Wall Clocks and Sounders
      TU-10 Time and Attendance System

      Large 4 and 8 inch high easy to read LED displays. Fitted in a robust aluminium case with easy to mount wall brackets. Infra red remote control for easy setup.

      4” and 8” High LED Wall Clocks

      New Standalone 6 Digit Wall Clock

      Wall Clocks and Sounders

      The New TU-10 Fingerprint Clocking system incorporates one of the worlds best fingerprint technologies as well as an RFID card reader. With a full colour display and the ability to control external sounders for break times.

      TU-10 Fingerprint

      New TU-10 Fingerprint and RFID

      TU-10 Time and Attendance System

      The TAU-600+ is one of our best selling biometric clocking machines. Incorporating one of the worlds best fingerprint scanning technologies and full network and USB memory stick support.


      TAU-600+ Fingerprint Clocking

      Why choose TRS Ltd?
      Generate reports simply and easily.
      Generate reports simply and easily.
From £99
      More Information or Request Call Back

      We pride ourselves in offering support for all of our products for the lifetime of our products at a very competitive price. Email and telephone support is provided and remote access when applicable. So rest assured that you are covered should you need us.